Matina Town Square, Gen Douglas MacArthur Highway


T’was my first time to visit the resto bar yesterday. Execellent service with great foods 😘

Dhan Godmaling Balahay

Oct 5, 2017 Source: facebook

2nd time in The Stairwell tonight! The Stairwell is a really relaxed place with really great food! Perfect for groups or even eating alone, the ambience is perfect for those who need to unwind from a hectic work schedule or shelter from a downpour just like last night! I highly recommend their black burger for a unique experience 😋

Rel Chan

July 12, 2017 Source: google

My friends really loved to chill there coz its clean and it's perfectly located in the corner. You can see people around. ���������

Rich Crue

May 5, 2017 Source: facebook

Thank you for having Sir Raymund Marasigan of Eraserheads/Sandwich last night as one of your customers. Our mini reunion with my cousins was totally awesome. Parang isang grupo lang kami. Hehehe. Super love your nachos. �

Faye Ivy Tolentino

April 22, 2017 Source: facebook

Nachos love it! We had fun last night with my sister and cousins 😍

Judyan Burgos

April 22, 2017 Source: facebook

Saraaap ng chicken pepper steak promise�pwede na walang sawsawan�try nyo guyzzz!

Princess Ryien R. Bondalo

March 27, 2017 Source: facebook

Your Native barbecue chicken, Longganiza and Chicharon Bulaklak are the best in town! Food Madness! Cannot wait to try other menu as well with my family soon...

Roy Estrella

Feb 23, 2017 Source: facebook

Good taste good, service was good, ambiance was nice, enjoyed the music, and had a great time bonding with family! Would like to take my hubby next time!

Hannah Ortega

Nov 30, 2016 Source: facebook

I love the beef jalapeño!!!!

FoodNTravel Addict

August 16, 2016 Source: foursquare

Black burger!@ 😍😍😍😘😘😘

FoodNTravel Addict

August 16, 2016 Source: foursquare

Great food, great service and awesome staff! I look forward to my next visit.

Lorenza Pilar Salvador

August 5, 2016 Source: facebook

Food was great and affordable. Definitely worth going back.

Emil Entao

August 5, 2016 Source: facebook

Food is delish. Serving is big too especially for the nachos. I ordered buffalo wings and bolognese. Both were tasty and had just the right amount of spiciness. My preferred place to eat dinner in MTS so far.

Jay S.

July 23, 2016 Source: yelp

Charming, cozy space. They serve delicious food and welcome you with friendly service. A must-try in Davao City!

Christina Mercedes Peduche Catalan

July 5, 2016 Source: facebook

Great food and great customer service. Their beef salpicao is a must-try. Love their cold beer too!

John Alejandre Ruiz

June 25, 2016 Source: facebook

Try Spiced Beef and Cheese Roll-ups! Lami jud!

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July 12, 2014 Source: foursquare

Honey pork riblets is the best 👍👍👍


July 4, 2014 Source: foursquare